Instagram Models Affects Teenage Girls

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It makes me sad to know there are teenage girls who don’t feel good enough and comfortable in their own skin. More teenage girls are feeling self-conscious from seeing Instagram models flashing their bodies in bikini at the beach. Those Instagram are half-naked all the time, flashing their breast and butt so their 1 Million followers can give them thousands of like. Little do teenage girls know their pictures have been photoshopped before it got posted on their Instagram page.

Listen up, their body is not an ideal body.  Their face has been airbrushed and their body has been photoshopped. None of it is real. They don’t look like that in real life. Most of them weren’t born with a body like that. Their butt and breast have been injected and their body in pictures has been perfected and photoshopped to the top.

You shouldn’t wish to have their body because their body is not realistic. I’m not here to shame women's beautiful body. I’m here to tell teenage girls that those Instagram models have had their body modified, perfected and photoshopped. It’s not real. The pictures are fake. They sell their bodies and throw their dignity away. You shouldn't look up to those models.
I feel for those teenage girls. They wake up every day feeling unsatisfied with their bodies. They wish to be someone else. They don’t realize these Instagram models don’t have a perfect life. They appear to live the perfect like and have millions of followers but they’re still just as miserable and lonely as you can imagine.

In the bible, it says you can gain the whole world but lose your soul. I’ve mentioned that quote from one of my latest articles about manipulative people.

They don’t live the perfect, utopia life. They post these pictures to seek acceptance and validation. There is a difference in being confident in your body and flash and photoshop your whole body to seek acceptance. Those pictures of the Instagram model are an illusion. They take 1000 pictures before they get 1 good picture with a great angle. Taking selfies is a narcissistic trait. Having an Instagram profile with nothing but only selfies of you is a sign of a narcissistic trait. It's narcissistic. They're narcissistic without knowing it. They're clueless.

Why do I only mention teenage girls and not include teenage boys?
Teenage boys are more likely to harm each other by physically punch each other in real life. When they are online they spend time playing video games and watch porn. They don't harm each other online. Only in real life by getting in a physical fight. They don't get much harm from being online. Teenage girls get affected online because of cyberbullying. They bully one another and spread rumors and gossip. They get revenge by spreading a vulnerable picture of another girl online and humiliate them this way. They don't go punch each other physically in real life like boys. They harm one another through the screen. Because for girls it's easier to be tough online than in real life. I'm not saying boys never bully each other online because it has and can happen. Girls are just more likely to be bullied and devalued online.

One girl can insult another girl by insulting their body shape. How they will never have a boyfriend because they are fat/skinny. Then the vulnerable girl goes on Instagram and sees how these Instagram models have the ideal body and how every guy wants to be the model's girlfriend. They start to feel worthless. Social media have given teenage girls more depression and anxiety than it ever has since the 80s and 90s.

“Social media, especially how I used it, isn’t real. It’s a system based on social approval, likes, validation in views, success in followers. It’s perfectly orchestrated self-absorbed judgment.”
Essena O'Neil. Former Instagram Model and Influencer.

There is only one way to stop feeling miserable and self-conscious about your whole body after seeing a post from those Instagram models. The most main important part is:

Parents, stop giving your kids a smartphone at an early age.
There is a lot of crazy stuff happening on social media and kids are not fully developed and responsible enough to handle what they're seeing online. It's risky. Give your child a smartphone when they turn 18. Give your kid/teenage child a bike to go out and not a smartphone to stay inside all day long. One day when I get children I would not let them have smartphones and social media accounts until they're 18 and I've educated them about social media before. They have to be 18 and educated about social media. Once they turn 18 they're prepared and ready to face social media. In the worst case, I'll let my children have an old phone that can only text and call just in case I need to reach out to them.

Educate your children.
Educate your children about social media and smartphones. Tell them the pro and cons. Explain how kids bully each other online. Tell your teenage girls to not send naked pictures to her boyfriend because that picture can easily be leaked online and there is no coming back. It will stay there forever. And it will destroy the girl's life forever. Tell your kids how addictive smartphone and social media can be. Talk to them about how getting likes on your post gives you dopamine which is a bad sign. How followers and likes will be what makes you valuable, and if you don't have many followers and likes then you're unworthy in the social media world. Explain to your kids that social media will give you extreme pressure.

Unfollow them.
It’s simple and effective. You need to unfollow everyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. Why would you want to follow someone who makes you feel less valuable?

To the teenage girls:
You're beautiful the way you are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Drop your smartphone and start to go outside in the real world. Climb on a tree. Bike at the local park. Say hello to that old lady on the street who is walking with her dog. Don't look up to Instagram models whose pictures are fake and photoshopped. Look up to your loving, supportive parents. Let your parents be your influencers.

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