Let's Talk About Manipulative People

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We all know at least one manipulative person in our lives. It could be your friend or a relative. Perhaps it’s your co-worker who you face every day. They bring nothing but stress for us. They want to dominate and control everyone and everything. You probably know that one bitchy woman in your life or guy who is deep inside a loser. A soyboy who gets offended like a girl. No matter what, they bring stress into our lives.

You know people close by who dislikes that bitchy woman or soyboy as much as you do. These people sadly don’t have much confidence to say it out loud. They sense your energy. They sense how non-judgemental you are and feel they can trust you enough to say
“I dislike him/her too. She/He is so fake.”

Your intuition is 100% authentic and true if other people feel the same way as you do about a person.
Manipulative people are snakes. That bitchy woman is a snake. That soyboy is a snake. Truth is: They don’t like themselves, so they try to bring other people down. They are attracted to people who have a light inside of them. A light because they are 100% themselves and don’t care what anyone thinks of them. The manipulative one tries to destroy those with light in them. They try to change them. They try to tell them what to do and say and where to go. If you reject them and give them vocal clap-back they'll get shocked. Shocked because their manipulative techniques didn’t work on you. It’s like you’re a hacker to them.

Manipulative people have a mortified facial expression. A facial expression of disgust and embarrassment. They realize their manipulation didn’t work and feel embarrassed. They realize you’re confident and strong and it has shocked them to the core. They have successfully manipulated people without getting a response back at them. For the first time, their manipulation skills didn’t work on a strong person and it’s a shock for them that someone is strong enough to give them back and show dominance back at them. They can’t manipulate an alpha male or female. They test you out to see how you react by being passive-aggressive or do something indirectly to hurt you for example by hanging out with other people in the group and isolate you. Once you show you don't give a crap and enjoy your solitude, they have failed.

To other people, they show their best side. To people close to them they show their true colors.
Not always, some manipulative shows their true colors all the time to everyone whether a stranger or family. They have no clue what they're doing. They have a small self-awareness.

They make you feel uncomfortable. You feel uncomfortable around them because they're always so intense. It's like you're being watched and need to ask for their permission to do something when you're a legal adult who can do whatever you want to do without anyone's permission. If you don't do what they tell you to do, they'll threaten you so you can sit on your knee and tell them you're sorry and that you'll do anything for them. Screw that. They use the threat to control you but most of the time they're just weak people who use that trick to control you. Truth is, they won't do anything by threatening you. It's just empty words unless you're in serious danger, then ask for help and run away quickly.

Do what you want and don't care if they try to make you feel ashamed or guilty. It's just a trick they use to control you. Stand your ground.

If a manipulative person keeps aiming at you: It’s because they look up to you. But they are too much of a loser to admit it. They're immature.

They are hypocritical. 
They say you shouldn’t do this and that. The next moment they do the same as you. They tell you to not dress like this, it’s embarrassing. The next moment they do the same. They tell you to not say this and that. The next moment they say the same as you and don’t credit you for it. They take something from you without giving you the credit. They want to show people they came up with that idea of the sentence. They never want to admit where they got the idea from. They bury you down and say they came with the idea themselves.

I know someone manipulative talks about being positive when someone in the room is always worried. That manipulative smacks the door hard so everyone gets a shock, walks with heavy footsteps that can be heard in another room, and throws stuff so hard you get a shock. I exposed those things to that manipulative person and that person got a shock.
That snake has never had anyone clap back at them before and exposed them to being a hypocrite.

Notice if people are quiet and reserved around manipulative people and see how they slowly start to have fun and talk once the manipulative person has left the group/room. I've seen it happen. It's simply because that manipulative person doesn't give people space to be themselves. They think they do good deeds and God's gift to the world, but they're pure horrible to be around. They have an entitlement.

They hate themselves.
What you say is what you are. If they insult you, downgrade you and never support your dream or happy for your happiness then it’s because they don’t believe in themselves. They insult and downgrade themselves every day. They aren't happy and get offended when someone else is happy and in a good state of mind.

They're always serious.
They take everything seriously. If you crack a funny joke they'll become butthurt and offended. They'll tell you to not make that joke again and how it's cruel. As if they aren't cruel themselves. The irony. They take life too seriously. They never take anything lightly in life. Everything has to be serious and sad for them and everyone has to feel the same way as them. They're the ones who turn off the light in this world.

Who wants to marry them?
Plain and simple. I know there are some manipulative people who are married. But there are also manipulative people who aren’t married and almost hitting their 40s. Without having kids and husband/wife. It makes sense. Who wants to be with someone with a crappy personality?
Their personality sucks. That’s why no one wants to marry them.

I have seen some manipulative people and I can prove how retarded they are - By seeing how their little child behaves. The child is retarded and something is very wrong with the child. I know it’s mean and cruel to say but hear me out. It's never the child's fault. You don’t have to be smart to notice who the healthy, stable child is and who’s the retarded, unstable child. There is just something wrong with that child. It’s not the child’s fault. It’s the manipulative parent who has no clue how to be a good parent and nurture their child with love and discipline. They influence and encourage their children with bad behavior traits. The child looks up to their parents always and copy what their parents say or do.

Manipulative people have more mental illness than they'll admit. They're retarded in their behavior and think they are the smartest person in the world who have it all together. A load of bullocks again.

It's a blessing if the child comes out as gifted and smart if they reject their parent's manipulation.

Manipulative people have no personality.
Like I said before. Their personality suck. They have a shitty personality and a pessimistic mindset to life. They have nothing that is noble and respectful.

They like to brag about themselves.
Because they’re so insecure they want to be the main person in a group. They want to take control. They want acknowledgment from people. They always brag about how the boss gives them a compliment, how everyone talks good of them, how much hard work they did and how they always do the right thing. - Which they never do. They just brag load of bullocks. Hearing them bragging about themselves is irksome. You have to be truly insecure about yourself to always brag about what you did and have done.

Secure, confident people never brag about themselves.

"The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room.”
Frank Lucas, American Gangster
Manipulative people can be anyone from doctors and lawyers to a shoemaker. Just because they have a high degree in education doesn’t mean they have a high degree in what it means to be a decent human being. I’ve met and seen some manipulative in high status or a good decent job, and they’re just as clueless and dumb. They can’t articulate what they really mean. Just because you have a job and money doesn’t mean you’re a bright, gifted, decent human being. You can have everything in life and still be a lost person.
“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?”
- Matthew 16:26

They take advantage of your weaknesses.
One you show vulnerability, they laugh at you and ridicule you more. They try to make you as a sick person. Once you show vulnerability they will make everything much worse for you. They'll never take you or your problems seriously. They like to harm you even more than you're harmed. Don't worry, because karma will hit them in the face one day and they'll become confused as to why they have to go through that pain. In their delusional eyes, they're angels.

Lesson: Don't ever show your vulnerability to them. Show your confidence. Show you don't get affected by them. Show you don't take crap from them. Show a little bit of craziness to scare them off. Say things that affect the core of their heart. Say thought-provoking words to them so they leave the room and leave you alone. They only take advantage of people who aren't strong enough. They are afraid of dealing with a strong, crazy, confident warrior who gives no crap.

They ruin the good vibe.
If everyone is in a good mood, they will say things that'll completely change the vibe in the room for the worse. They don't like people having a good time, so they try to pull people down in their misery. Don't hang out with these losers. They're not good for you. They are such a bummer. They suck. They have a loser mentality.

They take things very personally.
It is true some manipulative people can't see what they're doing. They can't see or notice how manipulative they are. They are so insecure they take everything personally. Even when you say things as it is, they still take it personally. In their heads, it's okay for them to say harsh things, but you have to say things in a nice way. Do you see the hypocrisy? No, don't soften yourself to please them.

Say things directly as it is. If they don't like it or take it personally, then it's their problem. You shouldn't feel the guilt trip they're trying to give you. Just. Don't. Care. And. Give. No. Crap.

Remember, they aim at you because they want to be YOU. They envy you. They see how much freedom you have to be yourself and they wish to have that level of confidence and freedom. It hurts their monkey butt to see how little crap you give and how strong you are to be yourself. They are like small dogs who barks but doesn't do anything because they're chicken.
The less crap you give the more freedom you have.

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