Stop Telling Me I'm Too Skinny

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

You heard me right. Skinny shaming IS a real thing.
You should be proud of your body, they say... Except if you're skinny.

I've been told things like:
"You need to eat more."
"You're so skinny like a skeleton"
"You look like 12 years old.
"Get some meat in your legs"

I've been told these things from mainly overweight women and one time from an ex-best friend who is skinnier than me. It made me feel less of a woman. Those overweight women say these things because they're jealous of my body. The one who's skinnier than me had anorexia in the past but she just unconsciously tried to hurt me because she dislikes her own body.

I was never self-conscious about my body until overweight "friends and family" told me repeatedly that I need to eat more because I'm skinny as a skeleton. Do you know what's funny? It's okay for them to say "You should eat more, you look bony like a skeleton." but if I clap back at them saying "You should eat less you're fat as a cow." they would feel hurt, shocked and insulted. I mean, what do you expect me to say if you insult me like this? You started the mess, so you must lie on it.

It's okay for you to insult me but I can't insult you back? You have no right to insult me like this. I know their response would be "But it's a compliment to be skinny." Are you saying that the whole "Eat more you look like a skeleton." is a compliment? Give me a break.

It's okay to downgrade someone for being too skinny, but it's cruel to tell someone they're fat/obese. Do you see the irony and double standards?

Are you blind? I'm not blind. I'm well aware I am skinny. You don't need to tell me every time we meet that I'm skinny. I love food. I'm a food lover. I'm still the same weight before I ate meat and after I went on a veggie diet. I can eat a whole pizza by myself and drink soda all day long. I eat foods such as prepared noodles with lots of calories. I can eat 5 times a day and still be the same weight. Do you really want me to eat myself to death? It's impossible for me to do. My metabolism is stubborn. I burn calories quickly.

I find it funny. I've been told my legs are bony and I have a body of a skeleton. I'm not being in denial but I am far away from having an anorexic body. My bones AREN'T sticking out at all. I'm healthy and slim. Maybe a little bit underweight, but not TOO skinny that it becomes dangerous for my health. Even my doctor says I'm in perfect health yet it didn't stop people from acting like doctors, telling me I need to eat more and that I have bony legs. How about you mind your own business? I don't go around telling you that you're too skinny or fat, neither shouldn't you. I have no problem with your body shape, unless you insult me for being too skinny like a skeleton, then expect me to insult your body back. Think twice before you speak. Think of what you're saying. Be aware of what you're telling the other person and how it affects them. It's a bully. Not freedom of speech.

I'm a person who's not easily offended. However, some words do hurt people's feelings. You hurt people's feelings and make them not feel good enough in their own skin. You don't ridicule a black person for their skin and neither should you ridicule a skinny person for their weight. If you do, don't cry if you get consequences for your action. Don't downgrade me for something I can't control.

There is a difference between saying "You look healthy and fit!" and "You look bony like a skeleton." which one is polite and impolite? You don't make the life of an anorexic person worse by telling them that they look like skeletons. If you're a good friend, you would help them. Not bash them.

I don't need to hear from you saying that there won't be any guys who want me because of my skinny body. I've had guys show interest in me despite seeing my body shape. I've had a guy like me despite my body. He liked me for who I am. I have a male sibling tell me I'm not too skinny but slim and healthy. It seems like those degrading words often come from women who are often jealous ones. I've never asked you about what you think of my body, so keep it to yourself. It's very uncalled to tell someone they're too skinny.

I've never had health issues when it comes to my body, so don't tell me something is wrong with my body. My body is healthy and I feel blessed to have a healthy body. My bones aren't sticking out, so don't tell me a lie. I can't control my body. My metabolism and genetic is the one that's in control. And no, I don't shop at the kid's section. I shop at the women's section.

How is it okay to call a skinny person many degrading names, okay but it's not okay to tell a fat person they're fat? How can you be so ironic? I don't understand this modern, western culture that thinks being called too skinny is a compliment. I don't see how it is a compliment. I never will. It's frustrating that you want to meet up with someone you know just to chill and hang out but instead, they ruin the vibe by degrading your body shape. I didn't meet up with you so you can insult my body like that.

If you have a curvy body or a slim body, congratulation. More power to you. Just stop degrading other people's body or you'll get insulted back. I'm not too skinny. I'm not ill. I'm healthy. I have a slim body. I have heard stories of other women being told they look like a crackhead because of their "skinny" body. I can't believe how people can be so cruel and insensitive like that. People are ignorant and uneducated.

If a person is asking you "What size do you wear" before insulting you, then ask them "Why does it matter?" Reply back. Defend yourself. Stay confident in your own skin, no matter what size you're in. "Do you eat?" - Um, yes I do eat, otherwise, I would have been dead a long time ago. And I'm not a baby who needs her mom to give me food, so stop mothering me. I can do that myself. Use your common sense, because that's the stupidest question I've heard.

I don't mind if my metabolism starts to change and I start to gain a curvy body. I would love my body either way. I would love to have a curvy body based on my OWN DESIRE and not other people's desire. If it happens, it will happen. Either way, I'm happy about my body. I have a healthy body and I'm proud of it. I love my slim body.

Don't tell me I'm too skinny. I never asked for your opinion.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I have experienced the same stuff and to me, making comments about the size of a person's body, no matter what it's weight is, can be an attempt on the commenters part to exert dominance and control.

  2. Being told I was gaunt and looked like a skeleton by my narcissistic mother and sister was the norm for me growing up. My sister would use it with vitriol during arguments because she knew it bothered me. It lead to a lot of ongoing body issues growing up. To overcome this I train a lot now and have transformed my body in my adult life. It’s funny though, my little brother was just as skinny albeit with a little belly chub, and he didn’t get any criticism about his body from my family, and as a result, grew up to think nothing of wearing shorts and t shirts. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t dare as a kid because I just felt so skinny, even though I was bigger than him. Just shows that it really does make a difference to a kid growing up. Thankfully, I am not like this anymore for the most part but not without a lot of work on myself both physically and mentally.