Why Are We Afraid of Change?

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

It’s easier to stay in our comfort zone because we feel safe staying in the same spot. We don’t want to change, cultivate and evolve because we’ve been taught that everything outside our comfort zone is dangerous or risky. Who taught us that it’s risky to stay out of your comfort zone? I’ve no idea who came up with that statement. We live in a world where people are constantly worried all the time. What’s outside our comfort zone is scary, it makes us worried because we don’t know what’s going to happen if we step out of our comfort zone. These people don’t realize nothing happens when you step out of your comfort zone. Nothing bad happens when you change for the better. You should overcome the fear of changing if you’re one of those who are afraid of change.

“Don’t do it. It’s dangerous.” — As I ‘ve been told before in my life numerous times.
If you don’t change, you’ll never know if it’s risky or dangerous.

Some are afraid of change because they fear they’ll lose something. They want to stick to being the same person forever. They don’t want to change and evolve because they fear they won’t recognize themselves anymore. They believe won’t be the same person anymore. Guess what. Life is suffering sometimes. Suffering changes people. It makes us wiser and smarter. Trauma makes us more empathic and understanding of other people. You can’t force yourself to change. Life will force you to get out of your comfort zone and change you, for the better.

These are the same people who think they know-it-all inside their own box. They could be the same people who are on medication and don’t exercise daily. If you tell them to eat healthy and exercise, they’ll laugh at you. They don’t listen to their own common sense, they listen to their doctors. Even if the doctors tell them the same thing as you say: To eat healthy and exercise, they still won’t listen. They’re chaotic and confused in their minds. They choose not to change. They don’t want to change. They prefer to stay in the same spot they’ve been in for many years. They do what they grew up learning.

Being in a secured spot is the main reason people don’t want to change. We feel safe and secure in our comfort zone, as I’ve said above at the beginning of this post. Everything that’s outside our security and comfort zone is dangerous. Changing your habits is risky for ignorant people. To them, it’s safer to stay in the safe zone than take a risk.

Being worried is what prevents people from changing and evolving. We are constantly scared of what’s gonna happen if we do something different today. We overthink more than taking action to change. We are so scared, we prefer to stay in our comfort zone. That’s where you’ll feel safe, in the eyes of worried people.

Ignorant people often stay in the same spot for many years, because they think they know everything when they don’t. Ignorant people believe nothing comes out from changing your life for the better. They don’t believe in such thing as “Change for the better.” and “Learn every day” in their world. Words such as “Change”, “Growth”, and “Evolve” doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. They aren’t filled with the same information as you do about always change for the better.

Many times these types of people don’t necessarily have to be evil people to fear change. They could just be ignorant people who haven’t been informed well in life. They don’t know everything and no one has taught them anything about staying out of your comfort zone if you want to see great changes in your life. They grew up believing their lifestyle is the ideal lifestyle for everybody

To them, it’s dangerous to change and evolve. It’s stupid if you adapt to a vegan diet. They’ll laugh at you and think it’s ridiculous what you’re doing. Being able to travel around the world is risky and dangerous, as I’ve been told by those who never want to change and evolve.
Change is scary. Change is painful but worth it. Change is what keeps us alive. Change makes us smarter and more knowledgeable. We know better because we’ve changed. We’ve become wiser from change and growth.

Nothing happens from changing and evolving. There is no danger of getting better and better every day. Changing your life for the better only makes your life easier. Sometimes, the old habit is outdated. Living the same old lifestyle won’t work anymore.

I’m not talking about changing your whole personality. You’ll always be you, but wiser and smarter. It’s about learning every day. Changing your unhealthy habit addictions into a healthy habit. You never stop learning and you certainly never stop growing. You can always learn every day if you set your mind to it and believe in it. This world is constantly changing and evolving, and so should you. You aren’t getting worse each year. You aren’t getting dumber each year. You are only getting better each year.

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