Why Cold Is Healthy For You

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Season changes. It never stays in the same season forever. It’s the same with you. You have to change. You should never stay in the same comfort zone forever.

The leaves are falling from the trees, so new leaves can grow. It’s the same with you. Old habits have to fall out, so you can implement new changes in your life.

Sunbathing is more common than ice bathing. Sunbathing is normal for us people because everybody is doing it once the summer has arrived. If you talk about how you enjoy ice bathing to people, they would think you’re crazy. It’s more common to love the warm weather than the cold weather. Believe me, I love the hot weather too. The feeling of seeing a clear sky with nothing but the sun is amazing. How the sun gives me serotonin which boosts my mood. The summer brings serotonin in everyone that makes us more happier during the day.

It’s more common for people to dislike the cold weather. During summertime, everybody is out with their friends. They’re going out for a picnic with their family or friends. Everybody is having a good time. In wintertime, everybody becomes depressed, especially due to having less serotonin in their bodies. It’s brutal to live in the cold weather if you’re on a survival trip. That’s for sure. No one wants to go out in the cold winter. It’s preferable to stay inside and be warm.

Summer manifest happiness. Winter manifest depression.

But what if I told you cold is good for your mental health and body?
It can help you and has a lot of great health benefits for you.
You’ll probably think I’m crazy as I’m explaining this to you through writing. You probably have never heard anyone mention how cold has good benefits for your mind and body.
In fact, cold has great benefits for us than we actually knew. It can help us build muscles and burn fat in our bodies.

The more you stay outside in the cold, the more your body stays immune to the cold. It’s a great practice being in the cold, in case you want to go on a survival trip in the forest. You become mentally strong from living in cold weather. The indigenous people such as Inuit and Native American have lived in the cold area for a long time. Even the Vikings used to live in the cold weather in the Nordic. There are people out there, especially indigenous people surviving in the cold and they are still going strong in the brutal weather.

I’ve studied that professional athletes take ice baths casually to recover faster, build their muscles, and heal their own physical injuries. The cold makes you feel more alive and energized. Warm makes you feel more tired (If you stay in the warmth for too long)

Did you know cold therapy was used way back in ancient times? Ancient Egypt used cold therapy to reduce inflammation and pain. That’s over 4,000 years ago. Isn’t that amazing? The cold therapy was a natural remedy used in ancient times. Back to the BC. It was common back then.
Taking a cold shower gives your body a quick shock. It makes you feel more alive. I’ll explain more about the benefits of taking a cold shower in my upcoming post.

Back to the cold therapy.
The reason why people have a hot body temperature when they have flu or cold is that the bacteria in our body loves the warmth. If your body is cold, instead of warmth, it’s a sign you’re healthy. As I’ve researched. It’s way more normal to have a cold body temperature than a warm temperature. Animals with lower body temperature have a longer lifespan than animals with high body temperature. The people with a cold body temperature has a longer lifespan than those with hot body temperature.

You’re probably not used to be in the cold for too long or taking a cold shower, but remember: The more you do it, the more normal it becomes for your body. It’s a shock at first, but it’ll become more normal for your body in the long run. You won’t be affected by the cold anymore if you stay in the cold on a daily basis. It becomes normal for you to stay in the cold. Suddenly, it’s no longer abnormal or weird. Your body has become immune to the cold. Those people who live in the cold such as Russia, Canada, Finland, Iceland, etc. tend to live longer than those who live in tropical countries such as Barbados, Bahamas, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, etc. That’s what I’ve understood during my research on this topic.

What are the benefits of being in the cold? (Cold therapy)
It’ll reduce your fatigue. You burn fat and build muscles as I’ve mentioned before. It helps you to live longer. It can relieve your anxiety and depression. Taking a cold shower can help to clear your skin and reduce your acne. Your skin becomes rejuvenated. I’ve tried taking a cold shower before and I can see a difference in my skin. It’s become more clean and rejuvenated. It can even make your hair look more healthy. The cold boosts your brain to think more clearly and better. It makes you feel alive. It can rebalance your hormones. It can boost your metabolism and burn calories. You’ll become more focused and concentrated on doing your work if your room temperature is cold.
Next time you are at your desk, trying to write your next article and can’t think of anything to write about, then consider setting your room in cold room temperature and notice if you start to become more focused.

Cold can reduce inflammation. There is a reason why you’re being told to place ice packs on your swollen injury. That’s because the cold ice reduces your inflammation. You’ll be able to sleep better too. It can improve your sleep quality.

You’ll be more immune to the cold and stay in the cold weather long than you’re used to. Make your body used to the cold. Stay in the cold longer than usual and your body will become strong, robust and immune.

Just make sure it doesn’t get too cold that you get hypothermia. There has to be a good balance. Even just 10 minutes in the cold per day is good enough. Notice any difference once you embrace the cold weather. Notice if you have more energy and focus to do anything.

Enjoy the cold in this upcoming winter season.

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