You Can’t Control A Damaged Soul

Today I had a long conversation with my brother who I've got a great bond with, and how about we’re tired of controlling people. Our conversation inspired me to write about this essay. We both described how we despise those who try to control a situation for the wrong reasons. Those who think they are God’s gift to the world and think they have a sense of entitlement.

We’re both people who went through the worst emotional pain in life you can imagine. He had it worse than me, which I respect. I went through many horrendous, emotional pain in my life to the point I questioned my sanity. Yet, I stayed sane because I have good people in my life who helps me to feel like a human. It blows my mind how any controlling person thinks they can control a damaged soul. Or anyone in general.

What damaged soul are you talking about?
I’m talking about a damaged soul who went through the worst in life. Who got treated unfairly in life. A damaged soul who got many emotional injuries through traumas, battles, wars, bully, obstacles, violence, bad treatment and any worst pain you can think of. It’s about a damaged soul who went through hell and back YET still managed to keep their sanity. The pain and struggles in life were a curse because it hurt them emotionally BUT it was a blessing because it made them stronger, tougher, “crazier”, robust, and doesn’t give a shit about what anyone thinks of them anymore. The pain made them wiser, smarter, older, experienced and have a large awareness.

They are the ones who tried to blend in. To feel loved. They tried to please others and make them happy. They used to be sweet and nice, but their niceness and kindness got taken advantaged of. They used to be afraid of defending themselves. Whenever they tried defending themselves or other kind souls, their voice starts to shake. Their feelings start to become anxious and shaky. It’s because they didn’t believe in themselves enough to defend what’s right. They were told to not defend themselves, or they would be seen as “rude” They were good but naive in this mad world. After all the wars, they had enough. They stopped caring what anyone thinks of them and doesn’t give a rat if someone dislikes them. I’m not talking about those who treat people like crap for no reason, but based on their own traumas and doesn’t care about how they hurt the other innocent person.

I’m talking about those who had enough of being treated like dirt and shuts controlling people down if they don’t behave properly.

This quote explains this essay. It’s is about a woman, but it can be used for both men and women:
“An emotionally damaged woman is like an injured lioness: two times stronger and ferocious.”
- Syeda Hidayat Fatima.

You can’t control a damaged soul.

After going through massive emotional injuries and damages, they had enough. They stopped trusting everyone and only had a small circle of good souls in their life. They had the last straw. They stopped caring what other people think of them. Like, since when did anyone ever care about them?
All the traumas taught them about how to spot a controlling and manipulative people. Because they have encountered them countless times in their life, that they start seeing the same behavior pattern again and again in a controlling and manipulative person.

No one can control them. Controlling people can only control those who haven’t been injured yet or unaware of the controlling behavior. They can control the naive ones, but they can’t control a damaged soul. The damaged soul knows how the whole world works. They have been through so many experiences in life. All the pain and trauma have taught them many life lessons and importance in life. It taught them who the evil ones are and who the good ones are. It made them smart. Trauma gave them a big awareness around the world and people. Trauma made them smart. A damaged soul is smart, and you can’t control a smart person. A damaged soul can sense if someone has bad energy or good energy. They sense if you bring stress and negativity in the room. Their instinct and all senses are huge. They see everything and anything. They are the observators. Trauma, battles, obstacles, and bad treatment taught them greatly about human psychology.

You can try to control a damaged soul, but you’ll fail big time and embarrass yourself if you’re a control freak. A damaged soul will shut you down and put you in your place. They know what you’re about and it won’t work on them. A damaged soul refuses to be a slave or assistant to anyone. They aren’t afraid to answer you back and ask you questions due to your suspicious/rude behavior.
They will expose your sick behavior and tell you how it is. They see you past your BS and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. They refuse to do what you tell them to. A controlling person will never have authority over a damaged soul. A controlling person who’s weak can’t control a damaged soul who’s “crazy”

You can try to control a damaged soul a few times or many times. But it won’t work. You’ll fail and lose. They’ll always win. They know your tricks. It won’t work on them. It will never work on them. A controlling person can try to shame them and make them feel bad about themselves. It still won’t work. They have been there and broke free from the prison mindset. They aren’t mentally inmates anymore. They broke free and nothing can stop them. Nothing can touch them anymore.
A damaged soul is tough and good. (strong) A controlling person is tough but evil. (weak)
A damaged soul is crazy and good. A controlling person is crazy and evil.

“A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep.”
- Unknown.

A damaged soul has full confidence in themselves. They know what’s right and wrong. They aren’t afraid of expressing their opinion openly. They don’t care if you got your feelings hurt by their opinion. Even crying won’t make them feel bad about themselves. They know some evil people will cry and go in victim mode to get things their own way. The damaged soul knows too well who’s bullshitting and who doesn’t. A controlling, weak person should never play with fire.

A damaged soul will always defend themselves, even if it means defending themselves on their own. They will never betray their own wellness by ignoring the bad treatments they get. They will always speak up.

A weak person can’t control a crazy person.

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