You Have To Be Your Own Best Friend First

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You never know if your best friend will stay loyal for the rest of your life. People are likely to come and go. Only a few stay in your life. You can only be your own best friend and enjoy your own solitude. You have full control over what you want to do if you’re your own best friend. You can choose whatever you want to do.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic but most people these days can only offer drama, necessary stress, and resistance into your life. Being your own best means you’ll have less drama and stress in your life. You're away from everybody's bullshit. Being your own best friend at first may feel lonely because you aren’t used to be alone. As time goes by you’ll never feel truly alone if you enjoy your own company and solitude.

Think about it: 
No one can help you move on over heartbreak and overcome your addiction but YOU. Only you can heal and help yourself. No one else can do that. Only you can change your life for the better. That’s why you’re your own best friend. You help yourself get up and try again. It’s a blessing to have a few supportive people in your life who help you to overcome your struggles but they don't have the power to change you. Only you can change yourself if you have enough will.

You need to feel comfortable being alone and enjoying your own solitude. There are people in this world who can’t be alone. It’s too uncomfortable for them. They hate being alone because they aren't used to be alone. They have never learned to be alone. I can handle being alone by myself. 
It's normal for me and I'm used to it for many years.

Being your own best friend means you have time to get to know yourself better. You’ll find out what makes you happy and unhappy. You’ll find out who is good for your soul and who is toxic for your soul. You’ll learn to have high standards. You start to become more true to yourself and embrace who you are. You’ll learn about yourself by spending time self-analyzing yourself.
“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone.”
- Maxwell Maltz.
Who is there for you when you cry every night? That’s you! 
Who knows you better than yourself? That’s you! 
No one else, but you. 

Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Become your own best friend and good people will come to you naturally, wanting to be your friend too.

Make friends with yourself. Become your own best buddy. Become your own best homie.
There will be a moment in your life that’ll be horrible. You’ll experience horrible emotional pain. You are at your worst, and sadly those moments are where no one will be there for you but YOU.
Don’t please other people. That’s a way to betray yourself. Stay true to yourself and you’ll stay loyal to yourself. Don’t aim to please others if they aren’t treating you like a best friend. 

If you have been betrayed many times as I have, then you understand why I want you to become your own best friend first. You can never count on people. You never know if they are going to betray you or gossip about you one day. Most people don’t know how to be a decent human being.
"Learn to enjoy spending time with yourself. That way, you'll never truly be alone."
- Unknown.
Only you support yourself. Only you have the courage to accept yourself fully as you are. Only you can encourage yourself to chase after your dreams. You’re the only one who tells yourself to be a strong warrior. Only you understand yourself when no one else does. You are the only one who knows what goes through your head every day. You know yourself way better than anyone else. 
 Stay true to yourself by starting to become your own true friend. You never know if someone will stab you in the back. People are unpredictable. 

The reason why the smartest people in the world are a loner and embrace their own solitude is that no one understands them. Because they see the world in a different, clearer way than the sheeps in this world.

Here are simple steps to be your own best friend:
1. Enjoy your own company.
2. Embrace your solitude.
3. Find something to love about yourself every day.
4. Practice self-care every day.
5. Do a hobby that makes you happy.
6. Forgive yourself for what you have done in the past.
7. Accept yourself for who you are. 
8. Comfort yourself in painful times.
9. Speak loving and kind words to yourself.
10. Laugh at your own jokes.
11. Don’t judge yourself too harshly. 
12. Be kind to yourself.
13. Encourage yourself to try again after you’ve failed a test for example.
14. Hold your own hand.
15. Stand up for yourself. You got your own back.

To be honest, I have no problems spending time with myself. I enjoy the peace of being in my own company. I can do whatever makes me happy. I don’t have someone beside me who downgrade my passion for my hobbies. I am free of drama and stress. I have learned so much about myself in my solitude than I did in a large company of other people. The more I am in the company of a large crowd of people the more I forget about who I am. They give you peer pressure to the point you forget who you were before you hanged out with them. I’ve dealt with enough pain in my life. I am injured enough. I’ve been through enough battles in my life. I want peace in this life. Let me be me.
Be your own friend first. Hold your own hand. Fight for who you are. Enjoy your own company. Encourage yourself with positive words.

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