Your Haters Denies Being Your Biggest Fan

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Haters gonna hate because they look up to you. They won’t give you much attention if they didn’t care about your opinions and how you’re being yourself who doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks of you. Haters are your biggest fans, but they deny being your fan. They think of you every day because they wish to have the bravery of being true to themselves and follow their dreams like you do. They don't have that skill and it pisses them off to see someone else being true to themselves. They get pissed off because they don't have the bravery and courage to do the same as you. They find you inspirational but they mock you instead because they can't be honest to themselves like you do.

"Haters are fans in denial."
- Adam Rippon.

They will ridicule you for having a certain fashion style, the next day their clothes are influenced by your style and they won't admit it to you. They ridicule you and then copy you. They laugh at what you do and do the same things as you. They dislike your opinion and the next day their opinion has changed and they have the same opinion as you. Why is it hard for the haters to mock you before doing the same as you?

Haters are full of pride and ego. They aren't being truly honest. The reason they can't be honest with you is that they can't be honest with themselves. The reason they hate you is that they hate themselves, so they project their own self-hate unto you. They project you as the loser, but that's because they see themselves as a loser, who hasn't achieved anything in life and it triggers them to see someone having the winner mentality and achieving their dream. They wish to be you, but that behavior and mindset are childish and immature. You're mature if you can be honest with yourself and other people. They're mature if they can tell you straight in the face you're inspiring and they congratulate you for your success.

Your haters are your biggest fans.

The best thing is to ignore these haters. Laugh at them and stop taking them seriously. They aim to hurt you and if you aren't touched by their hate then you've won. They aim to see you being hurt and if their tactics didn't work they are the ones who get hurt and not you. They try to hurt you but they get more hurt for failing at hurting you. Their own boomerang went back at them.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”
- Mahatma Gandhi.

Continue to have a thick skin around them. Haters are like the small dogs who bark at you, but won't do anything else to you. They see you as one of the weird ones. The eccentric one. The black sheep. They hate you because they don't understand you. They don't understand where you got your unexplainable powers from. They seek the same unexplainable power as you.

Your family and "so-called" friends (AKA snakes) are most likely to be the naysayers who don't believe in your dreams. Once you've achieved your dreams they ask you how you did it. They mock, ridicule, downgrade, and devalue your dreams. That's what naysayers do. They don't believe in you, because they don't believe in themselves. They're average because they have an average mindset, but you're extraordinary because you have an extraordinary mindset. They feed their soul with hate but you fill your soul with dreams.

You continue to have the skin of a rhino and they will fail to hurt you. You've got the brawn they wished to have in them. You're stubborn because you won't let failures stop you from achieving your dream. Haters give up quickly after having their first failure, and they try to pull you down in their failure with them. They're fragile and you have the brawn in you.

Haters are like monkeys and you're the lion/lioness. Monkeys make screeching sounds from the trees to provoke you, and you're the lion/lioness who ignores their provocation. A majestic lion/lioness doesn't have time for monkeys from the trees. Start ignoring these monkeys. They're just jealous of you. They envy you because you've made a massive personal growth, and they're stuck in the same spot for many years. You shut the haters down, and they run to their mom for comfort like the child they are.

Haters are the ones who complain and whine about everything in their life. You don't play the victim nor complain about life. You just do it, while they cry on the floor. Haters are trying to figure out how to be like you but don't have the courage to ask you for advice and inspiration. We're supposed to build each other up, not downgrade each other.

H. Having
A. Anger
T. Towards
E. Everyone
R. Reaching
S. Success
- Unknown.

Ignore the haters, if that doesn't work then shut them down by triggering them even more which makes them go away. They're wasting their life doing useless things that won't make them reach their dream, and you break sweats working hard every day to reach your dream.
They feel worthless and tries to make you feel worthless too.

The world is full of losers who don't have a life. They never have anything good to tell you. They're always negative and can only offer you negatively, unconstructive criticism and judgment. It boils them inside for finding you inspirational, so they shove crap in your face, to make you feel as miserable as them.

I hope you enjoyed my sentimental and motivational article. I would love to hear your experience of dealing with haters. Haters gonna hate, and you gonna win. Stay the beast that you are. Keep the brawn in you and have the thick skin of a rhino and the mindset of a lion.

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