You're Beautiful For Caring

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I know it's a gray area in my title when I say you're beautiful for caring. I don't mean you're beautiful for caring about other people's opinions of you. You're a beautiful human being if you still have the care to help other people during their pain and struggles.

In a world of madness and chaos, we often ask ourselves "Where Is The Love?" like the song played by Black Eyes Peas. When someone is in trouble or being harassed in the streets, we do nothing about it. We just walk away as if nothing happens. I get that you shouldn't mind other people's personal business and you shouldn't to a certain degree. If a couple has a vocal fight then let them figure it out themselves. We can't invade other people's business.

If you're petite girl, you can't invade in two big guys' physical fights. That's where the police should be the ones to invade. However, if you see someone being bullied or harassed in the street then what do people do? Nothing? It takes one person to do something about the bullying/harassment before other people jump in to help. We do nothing out of fear. Fear of what? I ask myself that question, trying to figure it out myself. I guess it's because fear is stronger than love in this world. People are fearful of the unknown. Fearful of not knowing what's gonna happen. People have trouble confronting the cruel person.

"To ignore evil is to accomplice it."
- Martin Luther King.

The world becomes more uncomfortable and unsafe because people stop caring about each other anymore. It's because good people do nothing about evil. They choose to ignore evilness in this world and run away from it. This happens often when kids become a victim of bullying. Yes, they get hurt for being bullied but they get more hurt because no one cares enough to help them and show them the care they need. If you show care for someone, you've proved to them that there are good people in this world. You gave them hope and faith again. You can help save someone's lives. by giving them hope.

Standing up to the bully who hurts another kid is bravery. You're courageous, bold and beautiful for disallowing their unkindness to be accepted as normal.

"Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind. Even if your voice shakes."
- Maggie Kuhn.

I remember something when I was in 9th grade as 16 years old. I was in a room with other classmates. One of my female classmates was about to sit down and one of the classmates pulled the chair away and she fell on the ground. Everybody laughed at her, she was shocked and hurt. I was angry at their immature behavior. She ran out of the room and outside, I followed her and asked if she was alright and how these other classmates were a bunch of idiots for doing that to her. She was shocked and emotional. I gave her a hug.

That's enough to show care. You don't have to do much, just show you care about how someone is feeling emotionally. If there is a chance to confront and shut down the bully, then take the chance. Stand up for the other people. Never allow them to commit an evil crime like bullying. Stand up for the person who ridicules a homeless man/woman. Even buying food for a homeless person is an act of care.

You did something good today. Just make sure you give food to a real homeless person and not someone who pretends to be one to scam you. I bought a bottle of water and a plastic bag with bananas to a homeless man one time and he started to become emotional and thanked me for it. One time I found a dead pigeon on the streets and placed it near a tree, so it can have its final resting place near nature. A while later on I had a vision of God giving me praise for doing that act of care for the pigeon.

"The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds."
- Dalai Lama.

People simply don't care anymore. They don't care about how you feel today and are only absorbed in their own world. It's rare to find someone who shows care for the world and the people. They are the ones who have a big heart. A big heart that's too good for this crazy world. You're lucky if you have someone who cares about you. You're richer than you think if you have a caring person who loves you.

You've no idea what it means for someone to have someone who cares for them. A person who doesn't care about others is not always because of cold intentions. It's because they've cared enough for the world to only be repeatedly betrayed and have lost hope for humanity. Those who don't care used to care before.

When the world turns against you, then your supportive family got your back. The world needs more caring people like you. Without people caring for each other in this world, the world would be hell. You're a good soul for caring about those who are deserving of love. It means you have a huge heart despite everyone else who forgot how important it is to care for someone. It's like the world becomes colder every day. Where IS the love? I don't know, maybe you can tell me. The only time ignorant people start to care… is when it's too late. No one cared for that person until the person died. Then everybody praises about how great that person was and how much that person meant to them. They probably lie to comfort their own guilt.

To find out who cares about you, stop texting them first. You'll be shocked to see how many don't care about anyone but themselves. You'll see how only a small percentage of people care about you.

People do crazy things today because they never had anyone cared for them, so they walk around do crazy things. They hurt other people out of anger and growing up not being cared for. They need a caring person in their life. We need more caring people in this world. Just a small act of care is enough. We need more people with a big heart. We need more people who check up on each other. We need more people asking "How are you feeling today? Are you doing better?"

Show care for those in deserving of love and shut down those who can't be a decent human being.

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