Confident People Are Calm And Insecure People Are Loud

Confident people are calm. Insecure people are loud.

Insecure people always brag about themselves and their achievements in life. They brag about how great they are because they want people‘s approval of them. They unconsciously yell in people’s faces “Look at the things I’m doing. Tell me I’m good enough. Approve me for who I am.”

They seek approval and validation. They want people to accept them for who they are because they can’t accept themselves. They want to be the dominating one in the room. They are so insecure of themselves that they want to take power in the room. They want people to do what they say. They want dominance to feel good about themselves. They don’t acknowledge other people but they want people to acknowledge them. They are often hypocritical and 90% of what they’re saying makes no sense at all. They confuse others because they are confused about themselves. If someone challenges them against their theory or belief, they become angry. They believe that talking louder in the debate means they are right. They only talk louder to dominate and compete. They ridicule others and make them feel small so they can feel like the elephant in the room.

They are so insecure they need to be loud in the room with other people so they can feel approved. They always go up to one person and talk greatly about themselves, expecting the other person to say “That’s great you’re doing great things.” so they can get an ego boost and brag about themselves. They are so insecure they want people to remind them how great they are, even though they don’t give a rat about other people.

They have a big mouth but are weak and fragile. They talk too much, brag too much and take power too often in the room. Which makes them appear as the stupid ones in the room. They make a fool out of themselves in the room full of people. Everyone can see how they make a fool out of themselves, but many of them choose not to say anything. The more you talk nonsense the more you’re embarrassing yourself. The more you brag about yourself the more you appear like an idiot to everybody. Insecure people don’t have control over what they’re doing. They don’t realize the stupid things they say and do. They’re unconscious and unaware of their own behavior.

Insecure people see everything as a competition and try to flex the confidence they don’t have.

Confident people are calm and quiet. They are very collected and strong. They don’t flex their confidence in the room, because they don’t need other people’s approval. If a confident person is calm and collected, they are dangerous to mess with. Bruce Lee is an example. He was confident and calm, but if you pick up a fight with him, he’ll win always. He went in beast mode. He was in control of his mind, body, and soul. If you are calm, you’re undefeatable. Because they are in control of their own minds. They can control themselves, unlike insecure people who can’t control themselves and what they’re saying. Confident people do their own thing and never brag about it. They enjoy the things they’re doing and don’t brag about it, because they don’t need the approval of other people. They just do their own thing. They don’t brag about themselves so people can acknowledge their greatness. They let people come to them naturally and acknowledge their greatness without seeking approval from them in the first place.

Confident people only talk when they have something important, fruitful, important to say. They talk when it’s necessary. They never take power in the room, as they allow everybody to be part of the room. But they only show dominance to protect themselves, if they are being disrespected and devalued for no reason. Confident people are laid-back and peaceful. Confident people are calm as a lion, and that’s what makes them dangerous. They’re calm in themselves, but if someone tries to pick up a fight with them, then they go in beast mode…. that’s when you better start praying, son, because you messed with the wrong person.

Mufasa is another great example of a confident person who’s calm but goes in beast mode, if you mess with him or his loved ones.

“I’m only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.”
- Mufasa, Disney.

Confident people don’t chase after a fight. Insecure people chase after a fight.

When I talk about the fight, it doesn’t have to be a physical fight. You can fight back with words too. A confident person can fight back with words to insecure people. Confident people know how to destroy an insecure person’s value with words too. They can insult an insecure person until the insecure person is quiet and has nothing to say. They can shut an insecure person down if they are being rude. That’s when the confident person has won. Confident people aren’t afraid of voicing their opinion and replying back if they’re being disrespected. Sometimes the confident person will allow the insecure people to act stupid by being silent on purpose, so everybody can see who’s the dumb one and who’s the friendly one. Confident people know by talking less gives you power.
Confident people are simple people. Insecure people are chaotic people.

Confident people are simple because their mind is calm. Insecure people are chaotic because their mind is loud. Calm confident people equals a calm mindset. Chaotic insecure people equals a loud mindset. Confidence equals calmness. Insecurity equals chaos.

The words that come out of an insecure person are cluttered, confusing and chaotic because their head is cluttered, confusing, and chaotic.

The words that come out of a confident person is simple, brilliant and clean because their head is simple, brilliant, and clean.

An insecure person never meditates, unlike a confident person who’s always in a meditative state. Insecure people want the competition, where confidence wants a tribe of people supporting each other.

“Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.”
- Robert Greene.

Confident people see themselves as a student. Insecure people see themselves as teachers. Confident people are humble enough to know that they don’t know everything in this world and are open-minded to learn more. Insecure people think they know everything in this world, even though they are completely stupid if you listen to what they’re saying. They think they are better than everyone but are completely stupid and dumb. Confident people are gifted and smart.
Insecure people devalue everybody for no reason. Confident people devalue insecure people for a good reason. Confident can have a challenging debate without being offended. An insecure person can’t stand a challenging debate without getting offended.

Insecure people likes nagging other people.
If a regular person comes up to insecure people and talks about what they’ve achieved, the insecure person will say the achievement isn’t good enough. They’ll always make people feel like they haven’t achieved enough or done good enough. They’ll make fun of other people to boost their dominance and power. They don’t let people be themselves and usually tries to shut people down. They make other people feel devalued. They want people to be their assistant. They are strict.

A confident person will just congratulate them and celebrate their achievements and tell them to continue chasing their dream. They let other people in the room be themselves without controlling them. They give people space to be themselves and allow other people to speak out. They make other people in the room feel welcome, because of their friendliness. They want people to be their friends. They are fair.

Insecure people are bullies. Confident people are friendly.

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