It’s Healthy To Be Angry (Sometimes)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Our emotions should be balanced out. We should be able to control our emotions. We should be happy at the right moment and angry at the right moment too. It’s important to embrace all your emotions for what they are because all your emotions make you a human being. A living human being full of emotions. That’s what makes you alive. That’s what brings the life out of you. That’s what makes you a living being, compare to robots these days with no emotions. You’re alive compare to those robots with no emotions. You’re someone who’s in touch with all of your emotions. You’re a living being if you embrace all your emotions. You can’t please people all the time by being kind. It’s okay to express how you feel in anger. We oftentimes get angry because we’re scared, anxious and overwhelmed with feelings due to being frustrated.

You can’t go around being happy all the time, 24/7 a week Being happy and loving all the time makes you (sadly) an easy target for bullies to bully you. You haven’t shown any signs of being angry or pissed off yet, which is why.

And that’s exactly what you should do.

You should feel the RIGHT to be angry. If someone keeps bullying you and treating you like dirt, you have every RIGHT to insult them back and show them how you’ve had enough of their crap.

Curse them out and give them names, like they do with you. That’s what makes it a fair reason. It’s fair. If they act out like idiots and assholes, tell them they’re idiots and assholes. Project a reflection of their own disgusting behavior. Mirror their behavior back to them. They have to know you’ll get angry if they behave like rude monkeys.

You have every right to be treated like a human being with respect.

You’re only going to feel more insane and depressed if you allow people to treat you like dirt. By becoming angry at them you release the anger out of your system to the right person who deserves it. It’s more of a problem if you don’t defend yourself, keep the anger in you and release it out to the wrong, innocent person who did no harm to you. The more you keep the anger to yourself, the more insane you’ll feel.

So go out and release the anger to the one who devalues you and bullies you. It doesn’t matter if everybody is going to see you like the crazy one. You’re neglecting yourself if you don’t defend yourself by becoming angry.

A bad person has to know the consequences of their actions. You have to set boundaries for yourself and let others know your boundaries. They have to know if they treat someone like dirt, they’ll get dirt ten times harder. If they throw their negativity to someone, they’ll get negativity back ten times more uncomfortable. That’s the nature of karma. You can’t change karma.

People, especially bullies of any kind will have more respect for you if you put them in their place by being angry. Your teacher or boss won’t do anything about it. You’re the only one who can do something about it to stop being bullied again. You’re not angry for no reason like an immature child. You’re angry about being treated unfairly, which is a good reason. You’re angry at the injustice and bad treatment you get. You’re angry because the other person talks over you and doesn’t listen to what you’re saying. Somehow the bad people start listening to you after you yell at them and become angry at them. They got scared because of fear. They haven’t seen that side of you.

It’s okay to be angry and blunt to those who keep disrespecting you. Being angry for the right reason means you love yourself enough to not be disrespected like crap. You’re a simple, innocent person who has done nothing wrong to anybody, but you always get crap back. That can be tiring. It can be tiring to always receive negativity without being angry at those who drained you out. You can be in balance and harmony yet still have the right to express your anger when someone disrespects you badly. Being angry just means you aren’t afraid of expressing how you feel from your heart. It means you’re full of emotions and you hate injustice. Being angry means you demand to be seen and treated as a human being.

There is a reason why most people are angry at the injustice in the world. They are angry at unfairness.

Releasing anger out IS therapeutic. You release the anger out of your body, instead of trapping the anger inside of you till it kills you.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
- Buddha.

Don’t hold onto anger. Anger is like a drinking poison where only you will be killed if you don’t release it. Releasing the anger to the one who deserves it is like giving them a taste of their own drinking poison. They get a taste of their own medicine. They started the mess, and they’ll get their own mess back at them. Start to let go and move on after expressing your anger to the one who treats you horribly.

The more you express your anger to those who hurt you, the less they’ll try to harass you. The more you defend yourself, the more they’ll leave you alone for good. They’ll be careful with you because you’ve scared them off for good.

It’s okay to be unapologetic if you’re being treated unfairly. It’s okay to be seen as rude or crazy. It’s okay to say “F*ck off.” Don’t let people make you feel bad for being harsh for the right reason.

You can also see your anger as a motivation to do something better next time. Let your anger be your motivation. Channel your anger into your work. Use your anger as the motivation to work harder on your passion. Use your anger to chase your dreams. Express your anger through any art such as writing, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, boxing or just any martial art in general. Scream your anger out once in a while if you’re too overwhelmed with feelings. Scream negativity out of your system.

Use your anger at the right moment, at the right time.

For the right reasons.

Use it wisely.


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