The Curse Of Being Beautiful And Attractive

Photo by Carol Oliver on Unsplash

You’re more than your looks. You have so much to offer than your looks, but people objectify you. It can be tiring. It’s like people only see you based on your outer appearance, but they overlook your intelligence. In today’s society, you’re more famous for your looks than the important message that comes out of your mouth. People repeatedly tell you over and over again “You look so beautiful.” which is a nice compliment once in a while, but when you’re you hear that compliment over and over again it becomes exhausting. What about my intelligence? Do they only see you based on your looks than the beauty inside of you? As a beautiful and attractive person, you’re often told “You look beautiful” more than “You are so intelligent”

Just because you’re blessed with a beautiful face and body doesn’t mean you have 1 million followers on your social media. Not always. Sometimes it means you have a few hundred followers on your social media.

I get that some people have an attractive outer appearance yet are airheaded with nothing wise to offer. But there are also people with an attractive outer appearance who both have the looks and personality plus intelligence. They don’t just have the looks, they have a personality too. They’ve got a unique aura around them that people can’t see.

The curse of being beautiful and attractive is that oftentimes people think you must be stupid too. You must be airheaded and have no brain. You’re not being seen for the real you. People hear you but they don’t listen to you.

If you’re an attractive, beautiful man, then most women want you for your six-packs and your looks. If you’re an attractive, beautiful woman, then most men just want you based on your hot body and looks. None of these people want you for the REAL you. It’s like they don’t want to know about your personality. Attractive, beautiful men and women have an easier time getting hundreds of matches on dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, etc. But it doesn’t mean all these matches want these beautiful men and women for the right reasons. Often times it’s more because they find them hot and want to have sex with them only. It means you get hundred of thirsty texts which you find inappropriate. It’s depressing when people are thirsty for your looks and don’t give a crap about who you are as a person. It’s depressing to get 100 thirsty texts. It’s a headache. Even if you don’t show your whole body but your face only, you still get thirsty texts based on your beautiful face.

Yes, being beautiful and attractive means everybody likes you on dating apps. It means you easily have someone flirting with you all the time. However, not always. Some don’t want to flirt with you because they feel intimidated by your beautiful looks and believe you get all the men/women all the time. Which is untrue.

Being beautiful in the outer appearance is nice, but it comes with issues too. You’re not being taken seriously. People want to hire you as a model because of your looks. They don’t give a crap about your personality and intelligence, which makes you feel lonely and alone in the world. Yes, beautiful, attractive people CAN feel lonely too.

People stare at you in the street all the time. You don’t feel like you’re being seen as a human being. When you’re beautiful, people stop seeing you as a human with a soul. People no longer see you as human. People looking at you in the streets is like being an animal in the zoo. It’s like you go out on the streets, so people can have the pleasure of seeing you. Being beautiful and a private, introvert is hell when you walk on the streets and people just stare at you non-stop. It’s embarrassing. It’s the worst feeling because it makes you cringe. You didn’t choose to have a beautiful face or blessed with a beautiful body. You were born with it and people can’t leave you alone for good. It’s like you’re a celebrity once you walk on the streets. You get no privacy and space.

There is a reason why I walk out on the streets with glasses, beanie, practical clothes and zero make up. I try to blend in with people so they don’t notice me as an outsider with an attractive appearance.

If you’re attractive and beautiful, it means you have many friends. Nope. I’m often told I have a beautiful look. I’m blessed with a beautiful face, they say. I could be a model, but I don’t have many friends. I spend most of my time alone with family and 1–2 friends. I play video games once in a while on my own. I’ve lost many friends in the years that go by. Not all beautiful, attractive people have many friends. They’re just as lonely and miserable as everybody else. They spend most of their time on their own. They’re oftentimes at home because they have no friends. They don’t go to parties and events. They’re not always hired as models.

You CAN have a beautiful look and still be the loneliest person in the world. Some people will not always invite you to parties and events or make you a part of their friend group. They are jealous of your looks and try to push you away as much as they can. Jealous people can hurt you for being beautiful if they want to.

Yes, it’s easier to have a job when you are beautiful. Whether it’s a creative job such as actor, dancer, singer, model, etc or just a regular job. It’s definitely easier to have a job when you got the looks. But what if you’ve damaged your face? What if you start to age and get wrinkles? It will be a little bit harder for you to get a job because suddenly you had no idea people only hired you based on your looks.

When you’re beautiful, you become the black sheep. You’re being outcasted because you’re TOO beautiful and people can’t stand you for that. When you’re being outcasted based on your beautiful looks, you start to spend time on your own. You start to live life on your own. Simply because you’re being pushed off by everyone around you.

Being beautiful and only seen based on your looks makes you feel suicidal. You feel like no one sees you past your looks. You feel like an object to the world. You’re being taken advantaged of. You’ve waited for years for someone to see you for more than your looks and you haven’t found that one person whether it’s just a friend or a partner. It’s important to know that your looks won’t cover your happiness. It doesn’t always make your life easier.

For some beautiful, attractive people they’re afraid of aging. They are afraid of getting wrinkles. They fear to get old because they think that if you’re getting old, it means you’re starting to look ugly. To them, aging means you are slowly losing your beautiful look. It doesn’t have to be that way when you love yourself and have a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet that prevents you from aging badly. I have seen people past their 50s and still looking beautiful as if they’re in their 30s-50s.

You’re tired of having people wanting to be your partner only based on your looks. That’s not what you want only. You want someone to be your partner based on your personality. Having a beautiful look is like a window and your personality is inside the window. You only see the outer appearance on the window. You only see the facade. Once you look inside the window, you see the beautiful person’s true personality and intelligence. You see their whole world behind their outer look.

Being beautiful and attractive doesn’t always mean you’re the jerk in high school. Good looking people can be shy too. They can be introverts too. They can sometimes be intelligent beings who have read lots of books for many years and still the loneliest people in the world. They also struggle in this world. Having a beautiful, attractive look doesn’t mean you had/have an easy life. No, they have also had a traumatic childhood like every average people. They also struggle in their adult life.

Being attractive and beautiful doesn’t mean you get all the men and women. To me that’s false. It’s fake news. It’s not true. It’s a damn myth.

It’s definitely hard to find a partner if you’re attractive and beautiful with a personality and intelligence. You want someone who sees your soul. They see your soul and spirit before your looks. You want someone who loves you for your great personality and you also want someone with a great personality.

In fact, it’s more important to be confident than having a beautiful look.

It’s not always a blessing to be beautiful looking.

Sometimes it can be a curse.

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