Two Types of Single Women Who Are Single For A Long Time

Today I was biking through the city in the evening in the rainy, dark weather. While biking I came to the thought about why some women are single and have trouble finding Mr. Right/The One. Not the ones who choose to stay single, but those who have trouble being in a long-term committed relationship. I’ve been reflecting deeply on this question, as I am one of those who have trouble finding the right one. Somehow the answer came naturally to me based on acquaintances in my life.

Women are different. Every woman is different because they have a different personality. Not every woman thinks or behaves in the same way. Women would often time chase after love and wonder why it’s so hard for them to find someone to love them. Their journey to finding love is individually different.

I’ve written down two types of single women who have trouble finding true love. I’m not talking about those who choose not to be in a relationship. I’m talking about those who are single and have trouble finding true love. It’s going to be about their personality. I’ve explained them in the below.

Type 1: The Bitchy One

That was a harsh start, I know, but it’s the truth for me.

No, the mean girls never get the guys. Especially not in the long run when it comes to marriage. Who wants to really commit their life to a fake, mean woman who complains about everything? I know a female in my life. I will give her the name Rosy, which is not her real name but to keep the real name private. She got the looks, body and sex appeal. But she is airheaded and controlling. She is not bright in the mind and talks behind people’s back. As soon as she walks into the room she wants everyone, including me to be her assistant. Just when she enters the room, I start to feel uncomfortable in my body. It’s like I can’t be myself when she’s around. She doesn’t sit down for a moment and feel the energy in the room around people with calmness. Nope, she goes straight into stress mode and starts doing lots of work. She is fake and I know several other people telling me they dislike her too. Her personality is dry and empty, it’s almost like she has no soul. She is quick to judge and is not an open-minded, free soul. Rosy ended a short-term marriage a long time ago and her daughter seems (sadly) not right in her mind, too. Which is not the child’s fault, EVER. Children are a product of their parents. I can’t blame if the man decided to end it. Insane women should not have kids.

Those women who are single and have trouble finding the right man is only because of one reason: Their toxic, fake, negative personality. Who wants to be with a woman is controlling, fake, and have a sense of entitlement? These women may have the looks, but they don’t have the brain. They will most likely never find a good, decent, compassionate man in their life if they have a bitchy personality and think they are God’s gift to the world. They are very arrogant and have no humility in their hearts.

They’ll easily get offended and don’t care about anyone's feelings but themselves. They are ignorant and know nothing about the world, yet they think they own the world. They have no idea what it means to have a sense of humor and a fun time with people. They don’t want to create happy memories with those around them. People always have trouble with these types of women. Life is hard for them if they continue with this behavior and doesn’t decide to change themselves for the better.

I don’t see how a good, decent, compassionate man wants to marry a bitchy woman who destroys the fun in everything and has nothing useful to offer but being a controlling, fake person.
In my experience, I noticed it’s always the woman with a beautiful heart and appearance who’s in a trusting, long-term committed relationship. She is not overly-sexual to look at. She is just naturally beautiful the way she is.

Type 2: The Intelligent One

I’m type 2 and it’s honestly not to brag about myself. It can take a longer time for an intelligent woman to find the right man who’s on the same match soulfully, intelligently, sexually, mentally, spiritually, etc. An intelligent woman has the whole package and a beautiful, wholesome soul, yet it’s hard for her to find a man who’s got the whole package and a beautiful, wholesome soul just like her. It’s hard because we live in a generation mostly of stupid people who’s got no personality and soul. There is no denying that intelligent people oftentimes are lonely. Intelligent women know how the whole works. They read people easily, especially their energy and micro-behavior. They have mannerisms and dignity. They are mature and respectful. They have good social skills and treats everybody with respect. They know what you can say in public and what you shouldn’t say in public. All the important social skills. These intelligent women know the importance of having a good life which includes a great diet, good friends, good family, good job, a pet and the beauty of nature. They value life and people, not materialism.

“It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.”
- Albert Einstein.

These intelligent women will seek out a good, decent man. They’ll have a good conversation with a guy, yet the man will suddenly ruin the conversation and the good vibe by asking her pushy, uncomfortable questions or say something inappropriate to her which makes her leave the place within a minute because she wasn’t being seen as a respectful woman. It sucks when the conversation is great until the man starts being pushy and inappropriate. All the intelligent women want is a decent guy who is easy going, laid back, and comfortable in the conversation. Oftentimes the intelligent woman meets a disappointing man with energy that screams “I hate myself.”

Intelligent women won’t settle for less, they have a high standard. Intelligent women are not easy to get. There are less intelligent people in the world and more stupid people in the world. Thus it makes it harder for her to find someone with carries great traits such as humility, intelligence, maturity, respect, dignity and understands the true values in life It’s hard for an intelligent woman to find an intelligent man who can stimulate her just like she can stimulate him with new information and knowledge about the world. She doesn’t want someone who is easily offended, have a victim mode, and makes excuses for their dumb behavior when she gives him a constructive criticism for his character as advice to improve himself.

If they happen to find someone on the same match as them, they’re blessed and lucky. More love to them.

These two types of women are all explained in one quote from Bob Marley

“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing.”
- Bob Marley.

An intelligent, bright, amazing woman who can stimulate you with knowledge won’t be easy to get. Because she has high standards and won’t settle for less. Even if it means she has to wait many years before finding true love. She won’t mind being single for a long time until the right one comes along.

A fake, bitchy, controlling woman is easy to get, but she won’t be amazing to be around. She’ll suck the happiness from everyone. Her soul and personality are empty. She has nothing to offer, but thinking she is entitled to everyone. It’s going to be a sad life for her as no man wants to be committed to a fake woman who only cares about herself.


Now, these are the two types of women I think are single for a very long time because they have trouble getting into a long-term committed relationship and finding the right guy. These types don’t necessarily have to be women only. Single men can also have trouble getting into a long-term committed relationship if they are one of these two types. I know well that are some good women who are in a healthy relationship with a decent man and that’s exactly how it should be. I know a few good-looking, fake, toxic, controlling women who are either married to a man who does everything she tells him to or is just as toxic as she is.


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